Cuma, Haziran 15, 2007

İlngiç Fotoğraflar - Resimler

IMG_1118 willamsburg3


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One Wink at a Time dedi ki...

Wow, these are some awesome pictures. It's quite a coincidence, I've seen the picture of the guy who looks like his head is in the concrete wall on another blog recently. I guess it's a small, small world after all. And I apologize for referring to your language as Spanish on MyBlogLog. Please tell me what language it is.

CRESPO dedi ki...

yes , real, the world is small.
My language is turkish, i am a turk, but everybody can't understand turkish, so sometimes i write english . thank you for comment :)

One Wink at a Time dedi ki...

You're welcome. I will keep coming back for the pictures, at least- and English when it's here! :-)

Ana Sayfa
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